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Current news

Wind energie in the news, (c)Paul Langrock/ZENIT/GreenpeaceIn this section you will find regularly updated information, references to new studies, reports from interested third parties and our own publications on offshore energy.

Dena carefully selects the information posted here and wants to offer an extensive overview on all questions related to offshore wind energy. Responsibility for information or opinions from outside sources lies with the respective author or institution.

Upcoming events and meetings:

11-12/9/2002 Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK - International Conference on Marine
Renewable Energy

17/6/2002 Workshop of the German Lloyd: "Offshore Wind Energy - Shipping, Windfarms, Environment" (PDF)

5-6/6/2002 12th symposium of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH): "Current Problems of the Marine Environment"
Schedule (PDF) - Invitation (PDF)

28/5/2002 Bremerhaven - Conference of the Federal Environment Ministry (together with Projektträger Jülich) on ecological research on offshore wind energy
Schedule (PDF) - Registration form (PDF)


13/5/2002 E.ON participates in offshore windfarm "SKY 2000" in the Baltic Sea

2/5/2002 Weser-Ems local administration licenses cable for pilot phase of Prokon project

17/4/2002 British Government licenses 76 MW windfarm on Norfolk coast

3/4/2002: Construction of the foundations for the Horns Rev project in Denmark has begun:
Horns Rev project status

17/4/2002 The federal Environment Ministry releases the report "International Activities and Experiences in Offshore Windenergy" (English summary - PDF)

11/4/2002 BUND and Nabu organizations in Lower-Saxony oppose windfarms in the Wadden Sea

11/4/2002 Article from "die Zeit" Magazine: "The Vision of Clean Electricity"

4/2002 Article from the magazine "Neue Energie" (New Energy) on offshore windfarm grid connection: "The Power Socket is Still Far Away"

21/3/2002: Bergen, Norway - The North Sea Conference welcomes the development of offshore wind energy (PDF)
Ministerial Declaration - Chapter IX

7/3/2002 Offshore wind conference in Cuxhaven
Speech of the Environmental Minister of Lower-Saxony, Wolfgang Jüttner

7/3/2002 Offshore windpower in Schleswig-Holstein
1.5 million Euro for ecological research

6/3/2002 Article "Offshore debate in mobile exhibition" - Sky 2000 Project, Source: Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag

5/3/2002 dena launches new website "www.Offshore-Wind.de" (PDF)

25/2/2002 New grid cables for wind energy
E.ON Netz is planning to invest 80 million Euro for grid expansion in Schleswig-Holstein

13/2/2002 BSH-President Ehlers sees need for active spatial planning in marine areas

1/2/2002 Bundesrat and Bundestag decide novel Nature Protection Act (BNatSchG)
- Text (PDF)
- Background information (PDF)

29/1/2002 Presentation of the Offshore Strategie of the Federal Government

23/1/2002 BSH presents standard impact assessment methodology for offshore windfarms

19/12/2001 Formation of the "Offshore-Planer-Forum" (Project developing companies)

15/11/2001 Bundestag adopts new nature protection act (BNatSchG - relevant to offshore wind due to marine protection regulations)
- Press release
- Text (PDF)

9/11/2001 First license for an offshore windfarm granted
- Press release of the BSH
- Main points of license (PDF)

14/6/2001 Position Paper of the Environmental Ministry on offshore wind presented
- Report (PDF)
- North Sea map (PDF)
- Baltic Sea map (PDF)

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