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Blyth harbour project/GB, (c) AMECSmaller projects

Several offshore wind projects have been realised abroad in recent years. Initial experience with offshore wind farms has been gained for smaller facilities (of up to 20 turbines). All turbines have been installed relatively close to shore (no more than 10 kilometres away) in relatively shallow waters (up to about 10 meters deep). Almost all these projects are in the Baltic Sea.

Important experience with pilot projects

This experience, gained primarily in Denmark and Sweden, is an important component in utilising offshore wind energy. Initial data important for realising future larger projects are now available on the dynamic loads and economic viability of turbines. But the experience gained in maintenance and its costs is also valuable. Equally, planners and manufacturers can analyse the influence single turbines have on each other (such as turbulence and yield effects), and their effect on the marine environment and bird migration.

The situation in Germany is different

Although the results of these projects abroad provide an important basis for planning in Germany, it must be kept in mind that geographical and geophysical conditions give rise to a situation in Germany significantly different from that in Denmark and Sweden.

Plans in Germany mainly refer to areas more than 30 kilometres distant from the coast where the sea is 20 to 35 meters deep. Therefore, the experience gained from existing projects in other countries is only partially applicable to the situation in Germany. Pilot projects under these circumstances will be very important for developing grid connections and foundation technology and especially for determining the economic viability of wind farms so far from the coast.

Horns Rev

Construction work on the first larger offshore wind farm in the North Sea, near Horns Rev in Denmark, (Link) will probably be completed by the end of 2002. This project is also relatively close to shore (14 kilometres) and its location on a reef means the sea is less than 15 meters deep at the site. Nevertheless, the project will provide important information on how wind farms function under the different and harsher conditions prevailing in the North Sea compared to the Baltic.

Name Country Year MW €cent/kWh Invest. €/kW Distance to the coast km Depth m
Nogersund SE 1990 0,22     0,25 6
Vindeby DK 1991 5 8,5 1939-2150 1,5 2-5
Lely NL 1994 2 8,6-13,7 1700-2600 0,8 5-10
Tuno Knob DK 1995 5 6,6-8,17 2040-2200 6 3,1-4,7
Irene Vorrink NL 1996 16,8     0,02 5
Bockstigen SE 1998 2,75   1455    
Blyth UK 2000 4 7-8   1 8,5
Middelgrunden DK 2000 40 6   2-3 3-6
Utgrunden SE 2000 10     8 7,2-10
Yttre Stengrund SE 2001          

Source: CA-OWEE

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